3 Ways To Make Money With A Blog in 2019


Are you a blogger looking to make some money from your existing blog? Or are you someone looking to get into blogging and make passive income overtime?

If yes, this guide is for you. Here, I’ll be sharing top 3 methods you can use to make money blogging in 2019.

But first, do not be fooled by the images of mansions and cars because those are fake.

The people who use such items to show you how much money can be made, only want to sell you their overpriced course (and surprisingly, that’s the only way they actually make money.)

So, You are going to reap the reward as you are prepared to spend the energy and work. Bear in mind, there aren’t any shortcuts.

Here are the finest methods for earning money with a blog.

1. Google AdSense

Numerous Bloggers earn money by displaying ads. Then Google AdSense is the ideal approach, if you produce a web site with monetization in your mind.

It Is the marketing platform for publishers and bloggers. Acting as a middleman between the advertiser and you, Google enables advertisers to bid about key words. This allows you to acquire the best rates possible for your advertisements.

As a beginner, you can start with any of these high-paying AdSense Niches.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Promotion is the 2nd strategy that is monetization among bloggers. You urge solutions and goods and you’ll find a referral commission, they make a purchase.

Typically The secret in affiliate marketing is to urge services and excellent products of. There are tons of affiliate advertising plugins and resources for WordPress which can help when promoting affiliate products, you earn more income.

3. Start An Online Store

Numerous Bloggers earn money by selling items directly. This might be picture downloads such as ebooks, goods, audio, and more. Some bloggers provide consulting services.

I suggest using WooCommerce It is the eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It also the eCommerce platforms on the planet.

That is Not all you can do together with your WordPress website. You possibly can Create your sites for testimonials, food, style blogging, Blogging, and more.

Every One of those website types gives you more Possibilities that are unique to create money.

Why Starting A Restaurant Business Is A Bad Idea!!

On my first day of business school, they put all the brand-new MBA students in an area and taught us the very first lesson they needed us to learn. It was known as”Porter’s Five Forces, or the reason you should never go into the restaurant industry”.

Porter’s five forces is a method of evaluating competition in a market. We used the restaurant business for instance.

Competitive rivalry – Are there other companies doing the same thing you are? For restaurants? YES

The threat of new entrants – How hard is it to begin a business in this industry? For restaurants maybe not all that hard. $50,000 or not for a hole-in-the-wall pizza combined. Less for a sandwich shop

A danger of replacements – Could people not buy your product and purchase something else instead? For restaurants? Sure! They can cook in your home

Bargaining power of suppliers – Can your suppliers squeeze you by raising costs? For restaurants? There are not very many providers of food to restaurants. You CAN store but you might have limited options

Bargaining power of customers – Are your customers sensitive to changes in cost? For restaurants? YES!

Competitive rivalry – Are there other companies doing the same thing you are? For restaurants? YES

It is hard to succeed at the restaurant industry. The deck is stacked high . Lots of new restaurants fail to”catch on” and neglect in less than a year. For the ones that do find a following, gains are fairly low.

Most”mom and pop” restaurants which survive provide a living wage to the owners, but to do so the owners (and frequently their immediate family) work long hours, occasionally 80+ hours weekly.

They are often not”paid” — they simply receive the gains that flow from the company after all costs are paid.

Yeah, it is a living, but not a good one.

Thanks to Brandon for his input and proofreading this article.

Phone Farming: How To Make An Easy $100/Month with Old Smartphones

Telephone farming is a theory that has mostly been discussed on reddit.com/Beermoney, also entails using several or dozens of smartphones that are idle to earn money.

How is money earned by these smartphones? You will find 2 variety of programs that benefit users for jobs that are specific:

Video viewing apps: These telephone farming programs run short videos and display ads involving videos/playlists. Users are rewarded points each ad view/advertisement spinning and may redeem those points for cryptocurrencies, money, or gift cards.

Data collection programs: These telephone farming programs run in the backdrop of a smartphoneand cover users to collect private data like location, phone use, and demographic data like sex or income status.

The companies that have these programs then (technically ) promote user information to businesses which are eager to cover the data, and provide users a little section of the proceeds.

Both kinds of programs don’t cover much. In reality, you can anticipate your ordinary smartphone to make approximately $0.40daily (sometimes more, sometimes less) if you’re in the USA or Canada. When it comes you could be amazed by this cash can collect.

Tips When Purchasing Smartphones:

Just purchase Android telephones : Android telephones are more affordable, simpler to purchase used, and also have a better assortment of available cash making programs.

Purchase Android telephones which are version 5.0 or greater : KitKat (variant 4) Android mobiles are slowly being phased out with particular money making software, so buy yourself extra time and buy more contemporary smartphones.

Search for 1GB of RAM (if at all possible ): It is possible to spend some time looking at different smartphone versions, but in the very end of the day that you only need to be certain that a phone can stay secure when viewing movies. RAM is one of the best indications of your cellphone will operate when at all possible, search for 1GB RAM telephones. Looking about on reddit for telephone farming telephone reviews can not hurt.

Do not invest over $15-$20: This is the reason why I caused the Antminer-Bitcoin issue. Should you get a costly smartphone, it is going to take longer to your telephone eventually become profitable and to repay your investment. If a telephone earns about $0.4daily, purchasing a inexpensive smartphone will make it possible for that telephone to become profitable after about 40-50 days.

Just buy Unlocked apparatus: Do not mess up with smartphone contracts, prepaid telephones, or whatever may inhibit your smartphone in conducting.

Do Not Buy Tablets: While tablets have functioned for telephone farming before, an increasing number of programs are out them. Tablets are more costly than utilized versions that are smartphone.